There has been a national consciousness of the need for every Nigerian to master at least one international language apart from English.

The Federal Government, recognizing the place of French in the political and socio-economic development of the country, has since made French the second official foreign language to be acquired by its citizens.

Since adopting this policy, the interest in French among Nigerians of all walks of life has been impressive. Unfortunately, such interest has often been dampened by the failure of the interested citizens to acquire the desired level of competence in a timely and stress-free manner. Some acquire a vocabulary and can write, but they can't speak.


Research has shown that the old approach to teaching French has been at the root of such failure.


Conscious of this fact, the National Council on Education in 2018 mandated the Nigeria French Language Village to organize annual train-the-trainer workshops for all categories of French teachers in Nigeria to bring them up to speed with the modern and practical teaching methodology of French as a foreign language.


Our highly qualified faculty, having received training from specialized institutions in France on the Modern Methodology of Teaching French as a foreign language (FLE), have, over the years, used such methodology to change the narrative for categories of learners who attend our various programs.

Students should be able to learn French the modern way and acquire communicative competence within their time as students in their primary and secondary schools. At the end of the five-day annual workshop, French teachers can return to their various schools and adopt the knowledge acquired to improve the teaching significantly and allow their students to become more interested in the language and master same with ease.